Seller Inspection
Knowledge is Power. Seller inspections can be a significant advantage to the individual preparing to or has a real estate property listed for sale. No one likes surprises, not the seller or the buyer. A seller inspection is paid for by the seller and they are the client of the home inspector. The inspection report is the property of the home owner and the inspector cannot share the report with anyone except the home owner.

Advantages of a Seller Inspection:
The inspection reveals existing problems before the buying cycle begins. This gives the seller time to either make any needed repairs or if they choose not to do the repairs, shop for competitive estimates to complete the repairs. This put the seller in control of any home price negotiations based on deficiencies. The buyer will most likely over estimate the cost of any repairs, just to be safe.
The seller inspection can eliminate or minimize the chances of a sell falling apart, if the buyer's inspector reveals an unexpected problem at the last minute.
The seller can choose their own Professional Inspector rather than the buyer's choice of inspectors.
The report can help the seller justify a higher asking price, if deficiencies have been corrected.
The report could alert the seller to any possible existing safety concerns.
The seller can schedule the inspection at their convenience and assist the inspector during the inspection with information about previous repairs or improvements.
The inspection reduces your liability by adding professional supporting documentation to you disclosure statement.
Consult your Real Estate Agent concerning seller inspections.

Buyer Inspection

Don't buy a Lemon, unless you know what it will take to turn it into Lemonade. A Professional Home Inspection is critical to the home buyer. Any major purchase should be examined as thoroughly as possible to insure that it will provide what you want or need and perform as it was intended. The inspection will help you and your agent evaluate and determine if the price you are paying for the house is a good or fair value for the condition of the property.

An inspection helps you avoid "SURPRISES" after closing. If there are major repairs or replacements that need to be made for the house to perform to standard, it is essential that you identify them, know the cost for those improvements and factor them into your decision to buy and at what price.

The safety and security of our family and loved ones is the most important thing to every individual. Every home has the potential to have safety issues. It is critical to discover these issues as soon as possible and get them corrected. These issues could be in any of the components of the house (electrical, HVAC, gas lines or plumbing and much more).

​Warranty Inspection
In the new home construction industry, most builders provide a one year warranty that covers construction defects and the functional components of the home.

A Professional Home Inspection is a complete inspection of the components of the house. It provides documented information for you and the builder about any deficiencies that might need to be corrected. This inspection report and your personal "punch list" will effectively notify the builder of what you require of him, under the warranty.

It is critical that this inspection be done at least six weeks before the anniversary of your purchase date.

Ranch & Farm Inspections

Having an extensive background in the horse industry and ranch construction we are fully qualified to inspect your farm buildings along with the home. This is often overlooked by farm buyers and needless to say the costs and safety of your lifestock are at stake

Farm & Home Inspections in Weatherford, TX

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